Danell teNyenhuis Black
Court legal gavel and facemask | Credit: zimmytws | istockphoto.com (under license)

Last week a federal judge blocked the Texas anti-mask mandate. Unfortunately, Governor Greg Abbott’s attempt to ban mask mandates is a continuation of the politicization of the pandemic. Frankly, I’m confused and disappointed that this is still happening. I have no illusions that I can change people’s minds, but I…

EMDR therapy | Credit: Laurence Soulez | iStockphoto.com (under license)

My client watches the movement of my wand as I softly use the cadence comments, “just notice” and “that’s right.” After 15–20 passes of my wand, I ask her, “what’s coming up now?”

Prince Harry opens up about EMDR therapy | Credit: Good Morning America & Apple TV | Interview…

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Widow, Mother, Wife, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. Recovering Republican trying to find my way. https://www.danellt9.com/. Danellt9@gmail.com

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