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Danell teNyenhuis Black


I’ve divided my stories by topic and placed them in indexes for easy viewing. Thank you Paul Ryburn, M.Sc. for the idea!

Doctor holding measuring tape | Credit: Grandbrothers | (under license)

I was a runner before it was cool to be a runner. And I never really appreciated it. Through the end of high school, I never had to worry about my weight. And I didn’t appreciate that either. …

Please stop making assumptions

Photo by Jusdevoyage on Unsplash

There is a Facebook post about privilege that’s popped up on the threads of several of my friends. …

EMDR therapy | Credit: Laurence Soulez | (under license)

My client watches the movement of my wand as I softly use the cadence comments, “just notice” and “that’s right.” After 15–20 passes of my wand, I ask her, “what’s coming up now?”

Prince Harry opens up about EMDR therapy | Credit: Good Morning America & Apple TV | Interview…

Photo by on Unsplash

The scene begins with a man walking down a quiet street in a nameless small town. Everything looks normal at first glance. Then the camera pans to the dust coating the windows of the cars. A broken store window is seen in the background. Something is off. …

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

When it comes to buffets, I love all of the choices and like to sample a little bit of everything. I always eat more than I should but never as much as I have put on my plate. …

Mental health photo | Credit: tumsasedgars | iStock (under license)

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry are the new dream team for mental health awareness. Their new docu-series, The Me You Can’t See, premiered in May and follows the stories of various individuals living with mental illness.

Oprah and Harry both talk about their struggles, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga…

Man pushing a boulder uphill | Credit: Nastco | iStockphoto (under license)

People who work in service industries take pride in providing good customer service. A compliment can make their day. A poorly designed service metric can make them want to find a new job.

Performance metrics are used by many companies, including those in service industries. …

Dollar symbols | Credit: Andrii Sedykh | iStockphoto (under license)

I’ve seen a lot of stories written by the excited recipients of the $500 bonus. And I’ve read a few from people who are disappointed they didn’t get one. I’m excited that Medium is giving out bonuses, even though I didn’t get one.

When I first heard about the bonus…

Portrait of arrogant woman | Credit: Deagreez | iStockphoto (under license)

Her words are the familiar refrain of someone who has lived a privileged life.

I recently read an article introducing a new conservative op-ed writer for our local newspaper. The article bothered me, and it still does several days later.

The article describes the author, a woman in her early…

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Widow, Mother, Wife, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. Recovering Republican trying to find my way.

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