Danell teNyenhuis Black
Swearing on the bible in courtroom | Credit: Wavebreakmedia | istockphoto.com (under license)

“Can this class help her have less drama?”

I’ll never forget Back to School Night when my oldest daughter, Sierra, was in the 7th grade. After her drama teacher finished her presentation, my husband Patrick approached her. “Can this class help her have less drama?” he asked.

He may have…

EMDR therapy | Credit: Laurence Soulez | iStockphoto.com (under license)

My client watches the movement of my wand as I softly use the cadence comments, “just notice” and “that’s right.” After 15–20 passes of my wand, I ask her, “what’s coming up now?”

Prince Harry opens up about EMDR therapy | Credit: Good Morning America & Apple TV | Interview…

Mental health photo | Credit: tumsasedgars | iStock (under license)

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry are the new dream team for mental health awareness. Their new docu-series, The Me You Can’t See, premiered in May and follows the stories of various individuals living with mental illness.

Oprah and Harry both talk about their struggles, and celebrities such as Lady Gaga…

Danell teNyenhuis Black

Widow, Mother, Wife, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. Recovering Republican trying to find my way. https://www.danellt9.com/. Danellt9@gmail.com

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