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A guide to all of my stories

Listed in order of publication (updated 11/21/20)

I began writing on Medium in May. Here is a list of all of my articles in the order I published them.


Technically this was not the first article I wrote. I imported it from my blog and revised it, but it was published with the original post date and got lost in the shuffle. I think it was a good article, so I wish I had completely re-written it.


My first attempt at anti-racism. It’s concise and from my heart.


This one I regret a little because it caused some friction in my family. I meant it to be light-hearted, but politics and racism are more significant than I thought.


I wrote this about my nephew and nieces, and it received 10,000 views on a local news site. That may be the last piece I do for free!


I wrote this in frustration after conflicts on Facebook.


I based my next article on personal frustration. It hasn’t received many views, but I think it was a good piece.


I’m pleased with my first curated article and the best-performing to date.


This story is about how the pandemic has caused us to be in a fight or flight mode, which has affected our beliefs.


A lament about all of the anger on social media and its effect on us. I was proud of it, but it has only had eight views.


I spent a lot of time on this story, and I didn’t get visibility. Maybe it will get a second life someday.


Here is my bio for Medium.


These are songs that mean a lot to me.


A revision of a story I wrote on my husband’s death anniversary. I was happy with how it turned out.


Below is one of my favorite stories. We had a great day and made beautiful memories!


I wrote this after I saw a poorly written apology.


I used another writing prompt for the story below. I had fun watching the TED talks and writing about them!


I used a writing prompt for this one too. I had no trouble finding Black writers to spotlight, but I might have included too many! I’ve only had six views!


I wrote this poem shortly after my husband, Patrick, died. I found it recently and thought I would publish it.


I updated one of my blog posts for Medium. It’s about signs I believe I received from Patrick.


Who doesn’t have Zoom fatigue? I’m on it all day long, and it’s beginning to wear on me.


A writer challenged me to write this fun story about neologisms. I joined a project designed to create new words.


I wrote this story when I found myself explaining Patrick’s death in a lot of my stories. It’s a big part of who I am, but it sounded repetitive. Writing about my worst day allowed me to tell my story once and then add a link in future stories.


Another one of my favorite stories! Agador (Aggie) was the best little guy! We were sad to lose him a year after Patrick, and we will never forget him!


Medium curated one of my articles for the second time. I wrote it after laughing at the irony that the people I used to unfollow were liking and commenting on my stories.


With this story, I intended to point out that social media has the power to make you really happy or really sad. When I become obsessed with it, it’s time to take a break.


Everywhere we look, someone is missing out on something. You can wallow in pity or pick yourself up and move forward!


Another updated blog story. This one makes me laugh.


The story of my brother helping my husband reconnect with his mother. I wrote this while visiting her at her home in Paradise, CA.


While I was writing the story above, another fire broke out. This one was close to home.


A quick read about a funny interaction with Google Voice.


I’ve been focusing on self-care, and I thought it would be nice to share my tips.


My first published story in Reading Rhombus, which gives you the challenge of highlighting four writers.


Please read this before taking offense to the title. I’m a Christian, too, and hypocritical actions turn me off.


I had read several articles discussing Donald Trump, displaying signs of fascism, so I decided to highlight four pieces.


The last time both of the girls were visiting, we laughed about the texts or calls I get from Sierra late at night. I said I should write about them and she, surprisingly, permitted me!


Nancy Saltzman’s book is significant to me. I’ve mentioned it in blog posts, but I wanted to write a story specifically about it.


This is an infamous story that I wanted to preserve in writing!


I was really missing Disneyland and normalcy in general when I wrote this.


My daughter Camille started writing. I may be biased, but she is outstanding!


Weaponizing divorce is a long-time pet peeve of mine. Parents who use their children as pawns in a divorce are sad people.


I can be ridiculous at times. For some reason, I like walking half-marathons without doing a lot of training!


I wrote this after a writing prompt. The first publication I joined, Illumination, created a spin-off publication, Illumination Curated. The new publication has higher editorial standards, and writers in the first publication were asked to submit articles for inclusion in the original publication.


I wrote this article after the irony of watching the antics of Trump during a week he proclaimed as “Character Counts Week.”


Another story that I needed to preserve in writing!


My last plea to Trump voters


My first article in Invisible Illness, a publication I hope to continue writing in as I become a more experienced counselor.


I wrote a second mini-bio for the editor of a new publication devoted to About Me stories. The publication is a great place to find writers you might be interested in following.


The story below is a combination of personal experience, insight gained from my counseling, and wisdom gained from being a counselor. It’s also deeply personal.


I decided to write a public service announcement as we experience a new toilet paper shortage.


I received unexpected feedback from a former coworker. The input was painful, but something I needed to hear.

Widow, Mother, Wife, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. Recovering Republican trying to find my way.

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